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Karl Gray 

The creator, photographer and film maker. Insightful and strategic.

Production Equipment

Film - Red Scarlet-W, Sony FS700
Stills - Canon 5DSR
Lenses - Canon 24-70 F2.8, Canon 100-400 F4, Canon 17-24 F4
Monitoring - Odyssey 7Q+, Small HD 501, Connex wireless wideo
Rigs & Stabilization - Movi-pro with bush pilot control, shoulder rig, tripods
Mics - radio & boom mics
Lights & Stands


 0439 559 010



Fiona Battershill 

Intuitive marketer and brand builder. 


 0418 387 706





Scarlett O'hara - Shooting Red
Movi Pro Gimbal - A moving frame anywhere