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Karl Gray

Karl Gray

Karl has been walking, skiing and generally exploring the Victorian high country with his camera for the last 15 years. His work has been featured on magazine covers, in papers, billboards and also in his own pop up gallery in Dinner Plain. A small range of Karl's photographs (around 200) are available online here to purchase as prints or print and frame. They are also available at Alpinwood in Dinner Plain and occasionally showcased in Melbourne. 

Karl is a self taught photographer and videographer who loves being outdoors and is at home in the mountains. Karl is available for private photography workshops for individuals or groups. He understands the mountain environment and will let you in on the hidden locations and share techniques to capture unforgettable images. With a background in science, electronic arts and teaching digital media, Karl has a diverse range of knowledge and experience to share. 

Mountains are Real

Mountains are real, not a sanitised packaged, curated experience.

Mountains are real, raw, unpredictable, unpleasant, challenging.

Mountains are real, beautiful, inspiring, uplifting, enriching.

Mountains are real, they are happy smiles, intense rain, open fires, wild winds, soft beds, snowstorms, good friends.

Mountains are real, not the pitch in the brochure or the well researched tag line, they don't come in a box with a ribbon.

Mountains are real, ever changing, ancient parts of the natural world, sculpted by, wind, rain, snow and time.

Mountains are real, not a commodity, so lose your selfish needs, expectations, your GPS, shortcut to google and your belief in a controlled curated experience.

Mountains are real, so close your phone, open your eyes and engage your intelligence.

Mountains are real, they will not sell you anything, they will give you back a stronger you, more determined, wiser, enriched by the beauty and strengthened by the challenges.

Mountains are real, they don't owe you anything, they don't snow for you, the sun doesn't shine for you and they are not wrapped in plastic.

Mountains are real and with your heart and eyes open they will give you a lifetime of experience.

Mountains are Real