Winter Day Workshops

Length: 7hr Landscape Photography Workshop

Inclusions: Meals, coffee, snowshoe hire and transport to shoot locations

A day in the mountains.

Exploring and shooting in the mountains is magical and the beauty can leave you speechless. 
Throughout the day, we will react to conditions and find the best locations we can, be it for big mountain sunrises or sunsets at Hotham, dappled light through snow covered snowgums in Dinner Plain, ponds in snow, cattlemens huts or snow textures whilst exploring photography techniques, methods and ideas. The course typically starts at sunrise to capture and experience the start of the day on top of the breathtaking mountains, closely followed by coffee and breakfast.
Come and join us for a walk to capture some mountain beauty


:Hotham, Victoria

Workshop Dates: 14th Sep, 2019

Price: $350

Workshop Details:

  • Duration: 7 hours
  • Inclusions: Meals, coffee, snowshoe hire and transport to shoot locations
Day Course:
The day will include camera theory and techniques, how to use your camera to get the best out of a particular situation or conditions. We will cover the camera controls, lens choice, composition and time of day and sun position. We will explore 2-3 locations to practice techniques and experience the beautiful mountain environment. After shooting, we will return to the Gallery in Dinner Plain to review our work and explore post production techniques. 
Experience Level:
Open to all
Digital camera and tripod. We will be exploring manual settings and lens choices so a DSLR would be an advantage.  
Dinner Plain (start & finish) and Mount Hotham

Fitness Level:

Moderate. Being fit is essential to enjoying our mountain workshops. Not only is it typically 10 degrees cooler in the mountains, the air is also thinner. Hiking to the best locations on average may take 30 minutes and at times could take 1-2 hours. The workshop will involve walking on uneven ground, possibly through rocky terrain, on snow, ice, mud and grass. 

The weather is a significant aspect of photography in the mountains. It gives us some of the beauty but something we need to contend with as well. In winter the temperature can be well below zero and we will be active so dress appropriately with lots of layers as well as hats, gloves, hiking boots and waterproof outerlayers.
Winter Sunrise: Approximately 7.00am
Winter Sunset: Approximately 5.30pm
What You Need to Bring:

Laptop (ideal to get the most out of post work)
Day pack / Camera bag
Sturdy walking shoes
Waterproof jacket, pants, thermals, layered tops, gloves, hat