Creating Things Worth Talking About

Let's face it, it's a media saturated world and our personal filters are strong. So there's no point making comunication that's not going to start a conversation and be an active part of your audiences lives.

Media, the market place and audiences are rapidly changing and to create value in marketing we need to change from traditional disruptive product communication to an engagement based approach.

We like to create a space where your audience can connect, and create content that they want to engage with which carries the brand with it, increasing their respect for it and their value of it. So let us share a few stories about some of the stories we have made, enjoy.

7 Peaks Riding Series
We follow some determined ladies who are having some fun taking on one of the most mentally challenging of the climbs Omeo to Dinner Plain. Featured on
7 Peaks Ride - Pushing the limits
Following a single riders journey of the Mt Hotham climb, we inspire avid riders to join and take on the personal challenge of climbing the 7 Peaks of the Victorian mountains. A series of videos on

Create engagement with a promotion...

Brands can be seasonal and during lower interest times it can be hard to inspire and motive your audience, especially with a promotion. Below is an example of driving audience engagment with a feel good celebration of the season and promoting them to commit to a pre season purchase for 2018. The result, record sales.

A day in the vines
Nothing like a little airtime at the end of the day

DJ Eddy Series

Eddy lives in a highly positive surreal alternative reality that rubs shoulders with our own. He is a native of the absurd, enjoying life through music, fun, snow, surf and his beautiful naivety. The Eddy series of shorts are off beat, creating intrigue and cut through, creating connection with content that sits outside the obvious path. Below is the first episode, the 3rd episode is also below and more episodes can be   found here  

DJ Eddy Series
Episode 3 - The Spark
DJ Eddy Weather Report on World Yoga Day
The skier and snowboarder market are hungry to hear about snow falls in the mountains, and who better to get everyone hyped, maximise audience engagement and celebrate World Yoga Day than DJ Eddy with a quick early season report.....
Morning lights
Night shadows
7 Peaks Trail Run
The views will keep you running into the sunset. Featured on

Brand Stories - Beyond the Boundaries

Sometimes you are lucky to have strong characters who embody the passion of the brand. Meet local legends of Mount Hotham, Buff Farnell and Bill Barker who reveal their shared passion for the mountain and backcountry. Supported by an article written by Buff Farnell in the Hotham Magazine.

Gippsland online promotion
Animation & Photography
Mountain interiors
Melbourne living
Big season means a Big Park!
2017 was the biggest snow season at Hotham for 17 years. It was time to show off the park built by the Hotham crew and show everyone how it's done...

Hotham TVC 2017

Welcoming alpine interiors
Food styling that makes a statement
In house Television Channel
Dinner Plain TV animation